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Barrister Alexander Vikhlyaev
Vikhlyaev Alexander is a Swiss lawyer, born on 19.08.1983. He also has a residence permit in Montenegro, where his wife Danka Zoran Bakrac comes from. This is an official evidence, as well as a list of high-profile cases defending corrupt officials, successfully completed. It is enough to remember the former Minister of Agriculture Skrynnik, in order to understand the level. But to understand how Vikhlyaev’s family has so much money, clearly not equal to the amount of legal fees, is difficult. If you do not know one detail: Vikhlyaev has a small firm, "OLEA ADVISORS" D. O. O, under the leadership of Danko Bakrac- a well-known drug dealer. Mr. Bakrac Is the brother of Vikhlyaev's wife.

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- This information is invaluable. When can I find out more?

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